Sunday, July 3, 2011

The Vines

     Their King was arrogant, oppressive, and foolish, marching his men into an impossible battle. Once it was clear he was going to lose, he fled.
     “We can’t let him escape justice. If we give Korinth the chance, he will build another army and neither kingdom will be happy,” said your general. “You’re my best tracker. I need you to find him and kill him. There may be no way to restore the peace between our kingdoms but if he’s dead at least we won’t see another battle soon. We know he’s running north, probably straight through the gnoll infested jungle. A risky move. Surely, you’ll be able to find him. I’m going to give you this dagger. It will kill anything with a single touch but it can only be used once. Use it on King Korinth. I’ll send one of my best warriors to accompany you. Hurry. He already has half an hour on his side.”
     You manage to find Korinth’s trail as you struggle through the jungle. The trail is winding and frantic. You start to hear noises of some kind of creature, then silence. “I’ll be sure it’s safe to continue,” says Airim the warrior. He creeps forward about twenty paces. Suddenly you hear a chorus of inhuman growling. Gnolls leaped from the brush and overwhelmed Airim. He was strong but they were fast and numerous. Do you try to fight or look for a place to hide?